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After years of lessons, attempting to improve my riding, I felt that I didn’t really make much progress. I concentrated hard in an attempt to understand what I was being told. So many words & instructions were used that often I would tune out & attempt to work instinctively. If something worked, it felt as if I had found it by accident and that I didn’t necessarily know how I could repeat it.

With Karin, I finally feel that I am beginning to understand what I need to do with my body and mind to achieve a balanced, stable and effective position. She creates a calm and focused space within which I can explore and learn at my own pace. Through the Feldenkrais bodywork sessions and the exercises I do at home she is changing how I use my body. It is fantastic to feel each change we make in my riding position. Even better, each change I make sticks.

Karin’s approach is a unique combination of bodywork and rider biomechanics. Her feedback is accurate, encouraging and clear. In comparison, the riding lessons I used to have seem ineffective and old fashioned. I am now so much more aware of how my body works & how I use it. I believe that this awareness is transforming my riding.

Loyce Blackmur

I’d just like to let you know how much I enjoyed the Feldenkrais course for riders last autumn. I found when I rode immediately after my integration lesson I had a significantly different sense of feel and was considerably more able to work in a new and more effective way with both my seat and legs.

It does not always seem immediately obvious how great the increase in range of movement during the sessions actually is, as the structure of the course seems relatively gentle in comparison to other movement related systems. I have been exceptionally pleased that the improvement has been maintained and I feel that I have made a significant step forwards in consequence and feel both more effective and more able to reproduce work more consistently … although I know in the great scheme of things I’ve a long way to go …

Not surprisingly I will be back for more and would recommend the session to anyone looking to develop both their range of movement or an awareness of how their body both moves and can change for the better, I’m looking forward to the course later this year. Thank you.

Kate Taylor

I heard about Feldenkrais through horse riding, but I was not at all sure what was involved. A little Internet research suggested that it could help me to improve my riding position and so on my first appointment with Karin Major I asked her what was involved and what would change. Karin told me to wait and see, that my body would do what it needed to do through the treatment; this intriguing reply was followed by a series of gently relaxing moves that to my hugely pleasant surprise left me feeling taller and as though I was walking on air. I had a riding lesson immediately following this and had never before felt so connected to the horse.

Since then (about 2 years ago) I have had a number of Feldenkrais sessions which have helped me in several ways, one of them has been the really increased confidence I have in my movement both on and off a horse. I have had a rather hollow lower back most of my life; this has led to periods of back pain and frustration in sporting performance. Karin guided me through some exercises using a foam roller; they were simple and steady but as with my other Feldenkrais sessions I finished feeling that my body was in a far better place and my back felt flatter and stronger. I have been able to do these back moves and some of the other moves myself, so that I could do the exercises any time and really make a big change in my body. Now I move more freely and with far more confidence. Feldenkrais has been a revelation and importantly for me my confidence has improved in both my running and riding; Karin let the treatment do the work.

Ruth Harris

It was my first time at Overdale, I was there on a 4-day riding course, 4 years ago and thought I would give a Feldenkrais session with Karin a try, knowing nothing about it.

I’d been riding for a number of months with a Prolite back support, having crushed two vertebrae in my back from a skiing accident many years previously. I remember Karin asking me, what did I want out of my session with her and I said I wanted to no longer feel my back! And so began a 45-minute session to which I followed Karin’s instructions. It felt like I was making tiny inconsequential movements as she instructed me to move my pelvis. At the end I got up and could no longer ‘feel my back’ and from that day on that Prolite back support has been gathering dust in my cupboard! Can’t recommend Karin and the Feldenkrais method highly enough!

Emma Malone

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Video Testimonials


Piotr – I’ve never felt my body be so relaxed. The horse said ‘ahh what a nice rider’ … he was happy and energetic.


Malgorzata – ... flexible, relaxed, things fit together.


Steph – In shock at what you achieved.


Caroline – I realised how stiff I was, things I really didn’t realise before … I feel a lot better now.


Pippa – I felt like concrete, it’s exhausting, ... Now I feel freer and my legs feel a foot longer... My hips feel more open, my neck longer.


Lucy – Overwhelmed with how much I’ve learnt.


Christine – A body MOT... I feel like I’ve been given a new body.


Emma – The changes were quite extraordinary.


Liz – I’m without my chronic hip pain for the first time in 2 years.