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Telephone: 01993 832 520
Mobile: 07879 412 469
Based: Oxon/Gloc, Cotswolds, UK
Available for clinics at your own yard

Learning Options

Although it is possible for me to work with you on an occasional or single lesson basis, the most effective way is to commit to a course of lessons. I therefore recommend that the first step is an Assessment session. If this is not practical in person, due to travel constraints, then we can arrange a telephone or Skype consultation.

Assessment (2 hours) – £99

This is a consultation and experiential session, where we get to know each other, and you experience the way I work and get a taste of the results you may expect. By understanding your issues, goals, activity and situation, we can then agree between us the most suitable package. The Assessment includes some riding and some bodywork.

Contact me to arrange your Assessment


The Dedicated Series

This scheduled series of sessions of bodywork and mounted lessons is the most effective way to make continual progress with your body, your riding and your horse. You will need an initial Assessment or longer session. We will decide the format, location and frequency to best suit your individual circumstances.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Body Awareness Workshops for Riders

These can be full day or half day and can be combined with mounted lessons. These group sessions are ideal for riding clubs, colleges and other equestrian groups. The lessons focus on Body Awareness, Core Strength for Mobility and Stability along with understanding and moving towards Symmetry.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.


I am available to teach clinics away from Overdale EC. These clinics can include a combination of Private or Group Body Awareness Lessons, Theory, Groundwork and Mounted Lessons.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Private or Shared Training Sessions

These may include a combination of Theory, Private/Shared Bodywork, Mounted and/or Groundwork lessons, with video feedback. When at Overdale EC, the simulator may also be used. In the initial Assessment, when booking, or at the start of the day, we can establish the format of these sessions. You can make great strides in these focused sessions, with noticeable changes in your habitual patterns both on and off horse.

Prices for private/shared sessions are:

  • The Ultimate (5 days × 3 hours / day = 15 hours) – £900pp

  • The Upgrade (Full day – 5 1/4 hours) – £350 or £190pp if shared

  • The Intro (Half day – 3 1/2 hours) – £220 or £120pp if shared

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

NB Prices and formats may be tailored as part of a package resulting from an Assessment session.


Video Testimonials


Piotr – I’ve never felt my body be so relaxed. The horse said ‘ahh what a nice rider’ … he was happy and energetic.


Caroline – I realised how stiff I was, things I really didn’t realise before … I feel a lot better now.


Christine – A body MOT... I feel like I’ve been given a new body.