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karin-majorAbout Karin Major

My life

I was horse mad from a very young age. My first horse, Tia Maria, and I competed quite successfully, showing, showjumping and eventing until the mid-1980s. I have owned, started and schooled many horses, and have been an instructor since 1979. However, my life was dominated by unspecified back and hip pain from the age of 11; chiropractic, physiotherapy and painkillers could only do so much.

In 2000 I started learning about rider biomechanics and the Feldenkrais Method. I soon realised that the more I understood my body, the more my riding improved, and the less pain I experienced.

Today, I live a very active life indeed, mostly free from pain. This has inspired me to help others by combining my Feldenkrais teaching skills with rider biomechanics training in my work with equestrians to improve their equestrian performance.





My Vision

my-visionMy passion with MoveToImprove–Equestrian is to help people improve their mobility, their riding and their competitive equestrian performance, and therefore the quality of their own and their horses’ lives.

My Qualifications

Feldenkrais Method (FM) Practitioner (2006)

Approved Ride With Your Mind Biomechanics (RWYM)  Coach (2002)

British Horse Society Assistant Instructor (BHSAI) (1979)

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My Influencers

Mary Wanless (author of Ride With Your Mind)

Shelagh O’Neill (Feldenkrais Practitioner from Bristol and Penzance)

Dr Andrew McLean of the Australian Equine 

Behaviour Centre/Equine Learning Theory

Monty Roberts/Kelly Marks/Intelligent Horsemanship Group

Tom Myers (Kinesis Myofascial Integration)

Kayce Cover (Syn Alia Training Systems)

Video Testimonials


Malgorzata – ... flexible, relaxed, things fit together.


Pippa – I felt like concrete, it’s exhausting, ... Now I feel freer and my legs feel a foot longer... My hips feel more open, my neck longer.


Emma – The changes were quite extraordinary.