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Case Studies

Emma M

Emma had been riding for a number of months with a Prolite back support, having crushed two vertebrae in my back from a skiing accident many years previously. Emma worked with Karin; as Emma was so sore, we worked through an Awareness Through Movement lesson. From that day on that Prolite back support has been gathering dust in her cupboard!

Liz W

For a couple of months Liz had had intermittent lower back pain caused by tension and exasperated by her sedentary profession as a counsellor, so spent a lot of her time sitting down. After her first session with Karin, several people commented on her posture, saying that she looked (and believe me, she felt!) more confident – her back was straight as were her shoulders and her body felt totally realigned. (Her back pain has been greatly reduced.) For her second session Karin focused much more on her pelvic and stomach muscles. The ride after this Feldenkrais session was very different to previous ones; the main difference Liz said was that “I felt so aware of my body; namely my shoulders-elbows-wrists, my seat bones, stomach muscles and pubis (which bettered my position on the saddle). I also felt more relaxed, yet confident which made me more 'connected' with my horse... my Feldenkrais sessions with Karin left me feeling relaxed yet invigorated and re-energised. I also feel more flexible and am treating my body with more respect.”


A few weeks after a summer cold I went to my GP suffering with swollen glands and feeling quite ill. Within a few days I was dragging both feet and soon found I could barely walk. An emergency referral to a neurologist was the start of extensive medical investigations, including brain scans, numerous blood tests, spinal fluid screening and nerve tests. Everything came back negative, weeks passed and the symptoms were constantly fluctuating and worsening. I was reduced to using a wheelchair much of the time and completely exhausted by the smallest effort.

[Rebecca had a Functional Integration session with Karin.] I came out I felt so different: I was walking – very very slowly and rather wobbly, but definitely walking. Everything seemed to have joined up, my legs were responding. Over the following week the effect receded, but it didn't revert to the worst it had been just before the treatment. I have now had four sessions with Karin and each time there has been a massive improvement, some of which seems to be permanent, so that overall I really do feel it is cumulatively making me better. I don't know much about how it works but it seems pretty powerful stuff.

I had set myself the target of getting back on a horse (any horse!) to give myself something to aim for at a time when I was seriously wondering if I was ever going to walk again, let alone ride. After three treatments I managed to haul myself up the mounting block with Karin's help and fall into the saddle on an Overdale School horse in the Overdale arena. We just walked and trotted round the school while Karin gave some thought-provoking advice on back and seat positions. I was amazed to find myself back in the saddle.

Laura F

Laura had been riding with me for some time, but was troubled with a frozen shoulder. She had seen her consultant and was scheduled for an operation. On one occasion she was in too much discomfort to ride, so she decided to have a Feldenkrais lesson instead. The lesson created a level of Body Awareness and Laura started to understand how she could release the tensions in her body; she then found more comfort as a result. We followed up with another 4 lessons, after which the shoulder restriction had reduced sufficiently for Laura to cancel her pending operation. This was several years ago now and Laura has moved out of the area. However, there have been a couple of occasions when Laura has called me to say she has started to feel some discomfort again. On these calls I’ve been able to remind her of some of the things we did in the lessons and she has gone away to explore the movements on her own and in turn return to comfort.

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Video Testimonials


Piotr – I’ve never felt my body be so relaxed. The horse said ‘ahh what a nice rider’ … he was happy and energetic.


Malgorzata – ... flexible, relaxed, things fit together.


Steph – In shock at what you achieved.


Caroline – I realised how stiff I was, things I really didn’t realise before … I feel a lot better now.


Pippa – I felt like concrete, it’s exhausting, ... Now I feel freer and my legs feel a foot longer... My hips feel more open, my neck longer.


Lucy – Overwhelmed with how much I’ve learnt.


Christine – A body MOT... I feel like I’ve been given a new body.


Emma – The changes were quite extraordinary.


Liz – I’m without my chronic hip pain for the first time in 2 years.