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Getting Straight – Vertical Alignment

Riding - alignmentWhen I first heard the term ‘rider biomechanics’ it meant nothing to me. Basically it is about what the rider does with their body and how in turn this influences the horse(s) they ride.

In other words, the more you notice and improve what you do with your body, the better your horse will go for you.

Using the ‘Ride With Your Mind’ approach to teaching riding, developed by International coach and author Mary Wanless, this usually starts with the riders’ vertical alignment. In this article I describe ‘correct vertical alignment’ and how to attain it.

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Relax your thighs!

dressage riderOne of the things I'm most often questioned about is the frequently heard instruction ‘relax your thighs’. It is a term I very rarely need to use, in part because the majority of people I teach are women, and in part because I believe the inner thigh should be in close contact with the saddle. Looking through the pictures of top riders in the magazines, I rarely see thighs off the saddle.

So why is this term so commonplace in riding lessons?

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So, I fell off again!

walkingThat was Friday 2pm, it is now Sunday.

As I previously wrote that situations like this were an indication of something lacking, I thought I should share my thoughts on this particular matter with you.

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Thoughts on Confidence

Karin ridingToday I rode my 2 horses, it was such a thrill. So what, you may ask? Well, it was the first time in almost 2 weeks and it had been the best part of another 2 weeks before that.

So what had stopped me riding?

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Rambling Amblings

view of lakeLast month I went to Germany to do some advanced Feldenkrais training, there is always more to learn, whatever you do. Last night I realised I should share with you something I wrote in my diary at that time as it had so many similarities to my thoughts on riding and life.

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